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Could You Have Hypothyroidism and Not Know it?

Published July 29, 2017

Could You Have Hypothyroidism and Not Even Know It?

You’ve most likely heard about the thyroid at some point, but you may not really understand what it does. In fact, the thyroid remains an abstract concept to many people until they are diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Hypothyroidism is a common thyroid disorder that occurs when your thyroid isn’t producing enough of the hormones that are needed to regulate your body’s systems. The thyroid affects most of your body’s systems, so the effects of hypothyroidism are widespread and you may feel them throughout your body. You may gain weight, feel tired, and have confusion and trouble remembering, and your skin may feel dry and your hair may start thinning. Some people may be able to regain balance, at least in part, through various lifestyle changes. A treatment plan that includes a combination of diet, exercise, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is often a better treatment protocol to help combat symptoms than the standard synthetic hormone medication usually prescribed for thyroid disorders. Read more…


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