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Integrative Medicine

BHRTIntegrative medicine focuses on prevention, as well as on treating the whole person, not just a symptom or condition. An integrative medicine practitioner wants to know everything about their patient — all of their symptoms, ailments, and imbalances. They work to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and condition and work to reverse or correct that cause.

As a physician who practices integrative medicine, Dr. Garcia will assess and explain the interaction between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle components — all of which influence overall health. These elements affect how you feel every day and can aid in the development of chronic diseases.

Utilizing integrative medicine protocols, Dr. Garcia incorporates nutrition, diet, and exercise, as well as other lifestyle factors and holistic therapies, to not only treat but prevent sickness and disease. While Western medicine is still a consideration, but it is not the sole answer. At Beverly Hills Vitality, Dr. Garcia incorporates different aspects of Western medicine into her practice while delivering a personalized, holistic methodology to each patient.

Dr. Garcia thoroughly enjoys discussing integrative wellness with new patients and coaching them on different natural methods which the body can use to heal itself  when given the proper nutrients. Dr. Garcia prides herself on going above and beyond to find the root cause of imbalances and symptoms that come with age, and addressing them with cutting-edge integrative therapies.


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August 13, 2019

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