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Meet Nicole Garcia, M.D.

dr-nicole-garcia-114x150Nicole Garcia, M.D. is the Medical Director of Beverly Hills Vitality and a highly respected member of the BodyLogicMD network of physicians specializing in integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Garcia has helped thousands of men and women suffering from the discomforts of hormone imbalance regain their health, and attain a better, healthier life after witnessing first-hand the adverse effects that hormonal imbalances have on the body. Dr. Garcia’s focus on the preventative side of medicine provides her with the opportunity to make a greater impact in the lives of her patients and concentrate on the root cause of her patients’ issues. Using individual, tailored wellness programs to address each patient’s individual needs, Dr. Garcia combines custom-made nutrition plans, professional-grade supplements, weight management strategies and natural hormone replacement therapy to ensure her patients benefit from improved energy, restore mental clarity and reach the highest quality of life possible.

After years of working in family practice, Dr. Garcia discovered anti-aging and integrative medicine, where the focus is treating the patient as a whole – mind, body and soul – and looking to correct the root cause of symptoms, instead of waiting for a disease to form and managing those symptoms with prescription medication. By focusing on lifestyle medicine such as hormone balancing, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction techniques, patients can achieve total wellness and find relief from their symptoms. Along with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Garcia specializes in weight management issues that are plaguing many of her patients. She believes it is imperative to tackle all factors that can affect a patient’s health – from hormone imbalance to low energy levels to weight gain – with a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan that will safeguard health, happiness, and quality of life for every patient.

Dr. Nicole Garcia graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency at the Family Practice Residency Program at Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee. Furthermore, she is also a certified health coach and lifestyle educator concentrating in weight management programs. Dr. Garcia is an active Fellow of the Fellowship of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

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December 6, 2023

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