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 Answers to Common Questions About Vaginal Health

Published May 22, 2018

The vagina is a powerful and resilient part of a woman’s body. It can be miraculous, with the ability to help create a baby and give birth. It can also […]

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What the Diet Companies Don’t Want You to Hear

Published May 12, 2018

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, what immediately comes to mind? Is it the variety of diet-related companies that bombard you with solutions to why you have gained […]

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Hormone Imbalance: How It Can Lead to Obesity

Published April 17, 2018

In America today, it’s an easy and convenient choice to opt for fast food (otherwise known as “fat” food) on your way home from work. Maybe you’re too busy to […]

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Understanding Yoga’s Benefits on a Scientific Level

Published April 4, 2018

Yoga is a mind-body practice that integrates both mental and physical tools to help you relax and eliminate stress in both your body and mind. Through yoga’s series of physical […]

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The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Artificial Sugars

Published March 17, 2018

When scanning the grocery store shelves these days, you are likely to encounter a full-fat, real-sugar version of your favorite sweet treat alongside a sugar-free, reduced-calorie version. Which do you […]

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Easy Resolutions for a Healthy Year

Published March 7, 2018

Every year, we make lists of goals we’d like to achieve, and some of us pull it off, while many of the rest of us tend to give up or […]

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A Quick Nap Can Be the Cure for Afternoon Fatigue

Published February 16, 2018

Many times, mid-afternoon can feel like a challenging period to slug through, especially after a stressful and busy morning. A lot of people turn to another cup of coffee or […]

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What Is the Pow-Shot?

Published February 2, 2018

Have you heard about the latest, drug-free treatment for erectile dysfunction, the Pow-Shot? The Pow-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP, to restore healthy tissue. PRP has been […]

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How Your Fitbit Might Be Hindering Your Weight Loss Efforts

Published January 17, 2018

When it comes to losing weight, the old standby of burning more calories than you eat is always true. But for people who continuously struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, […]

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Tips to Help Relieve Periodic Constipation

Published January 5, 2018

PMS does not mean the same thing to all women. For some, it’s an excruciating monthly ordeal while for others, they might not notice anything but a slight change in […]

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  • Insulin resistance is a real problem that many people have to deal with. It is reported that more than 29 million Americans live with diabetes daily, and 8.1 million Americans have gone undiagnosed! Insulin resistance has a very severe effect on the body if not treated properly... Read MoreRead More
  • We all know that stress is an unhealthy burden to carry, but did you know that stress is the basic cause for over 60 health related issues? When the body is stressed, your adrenal glands release the hormone Cortisol into the body which is responsible for the "fight or flight" response. Learn how to monitor your stress levels correctly and…Read More
  • Summer is upon us, and with summer comes the sun and heat. It is crucial to your body and health to stay properly hydrated during these hot months. Dehydration can wreak havoc on your system, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Check out these effective tips on how to stay hydrated while dropping pounds this summer... Read MoreRead More


August 13, 2019

The Benefits of Compounded Hormones Can Enhance Menopause and Andropause Treatment

Standardized pharmaceuticals transform and save lives every day. Their role is so central in our lives that it is easy to forget just how powerful these medications can be, whether […]

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