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The Importance of Gut Health

Published August 23, 2016

Woman suffering from a stomach acheMood instability, including disorders such as depression and anxiety, can make daily life extremely difficult. Even your normal routine of eating, working, and sleeping can seem daunting when your mind isn’t at its best. Your bar for optimal functioning goes from “things being easy” to “getting things done at all.” That’s not to mention the physical symptoms that go along with these disorders: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, weight fluctuation, and even stomach troubles. Yes, stomach troubles such as diarrhea, bloating, and nausea are actually surprisingly common in patients with mood instability. It’s no surprise to anyone who has ever gotten angry and irritable on an empty stomach that there’s a connection between what’s going on in your mind and what’s going on in your gut, but you may be surprised to find out that the results of a new study takes this link even further. Recent research shows that a gut bacteria imbalance may actually cause significant changes to both mood and behavior.… Read More


  • Insulin resistance is a real problem that many people have to deal with. It is reported that more than 29 million Americans live with diabetes daily, and 8.1 million Americans have gone undiagnosed! Insulin resistance has a very severe effect on the body if not treated properly... Read MoreRead More
  • We all know that stress is an unhealthy burden to carry, but did you know that stress is the basic cause for over 60 health related issues? When the body is stressed, your adrenal glands release the hormone Cortisol into the body which is responsible for the "fight or flight" response. Learn how to monitor your stress levels correctly and…Read More
  • Summer is upon us, and with summer comes the sun and heat. It is crucial to your body and health to stay properly hydrated during these hot months. Dehydration can wreak havoc on your system, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Check out these effective tips on how to stay hydrated while dropping pounds this summer... Read MoreRead More


August 13, 2019

The Benefits of Compounded Hormones Can Enhance Menopause and Andropause Treatment

Standardized pharmaceuticals transform and save lives every day. Their role is so central in our lives that it is easy to forget just how powerful these medications can be, whether […]

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